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Bateson 48Lt livestock

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12′ x 5’8 x 6′ Livestock Trailer for use with 4WD and larger vehicles

Model 48LT is a our largest Livestock Trailer fitted with Land Rover size 16″ wheels. We do not make larger models for safety and legal reasons. This trailer loaded with livestock could exceed the 3500kg maximum gross weight that can be towed by a 4 x4. A larger trailer, particularly if fitted with three axles, would weigh much more and would have a corresponding reduction in payload.

The 48LT is fitted with full width independent suspension axles and auto-reversing brakes. Alloy ramp side gates, side door, front jockey wheel, locking hitch, ramp lifting springs and a spare wheel are all supplied standard.

A cross division gate is available as an option. Maximum permitted pen lengths are 12′ for cattle, 10′ for sheep and pigs and 8′ for calves.



  • Gross Weight
  • Unladen weight
  • Capacity
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Internal Length
  • Internal Width
  • Internal Height
  • Number of Axles
  • Tyre Size
  • Tow Ball Height

Trailer Exterior

  • Mudguards
  • Rear Wall
  • High Loading Volume

Trailer Features

  • Trailer Spare Wheel
  • Jockey Wheel

Technical Specifications

Gross Weight
3100 kg
Unladen Weight
950 kg
2150 kg
Overall Length
5000 mm
Overall Width
2270 mm
Overall Height
2320 mm
Internal Length
3600 mm
Internal Width
1710 mm
Internal Height
1800 mm
Tyre Size
205 x 16
Tow Ball Height
500 mm

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