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Because of their height horse transporters are generally parked outdoors due to a lack of suitable roofed spaces and are thus exposed to weather conditions throughout the year. It is not unusual that horse transporters are rarely or not at all moved out of tournament season. As a result even new and high-quality all-plastic trailers are -after only a relative short amount of time, and through solar radiation and rain:

  • dirty
  • covered in moss or algae
  • yellowed
  • dull

More significant than the optical aspects, however, is the safety-relevant argument of the slow, but steady flooring decay due to rain water ingress. The CAPA protective cover for horse trailers offers you the perfect solution:

The CAPA protective cover for horse trailers is

  • light (size S weighs only 6 kg, size L 6,5 kg, size XL 7kg, size Mega XL 8kg),
  • waterproof
  • breathable,
  • UV-light resistant
  • universally applicable for all conventional horse trailers

and has the following advantages:

  • year-round protection (outside and inside) against all weather conditions and thus
  • value preservation of your horse transporter
  • easy handling of the “putting on and taking off”,
  • instant access to all openings on your horse transporter
  • no “acrobatic” cleaning of the transporter’s roof necessary
  • upon request, promotionally effective presentation through prints or patches possible

** The term CAPA derives from Latin and describes a medieval garment, which served as rain protection in the 14th century.

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